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Introduce of bobbin

A coil bobbin for a concentrically wound transformer, preferably a signal transformer, has a core, an area between two shoulders for a primary winding and an area between two flanges for a secondary winding surrounding the primary winding. The shoulder at the end of the transformer where the entry and exit wires for the primary winding are located is formed with an angled axial slot, and with undercut regions beneath the upper surface of the shoulder. The multifarious bobbins such as solenoid bobbin, alternator bobbin, motor bobbin, filter bobbin, knob bobbin, and television bobbin are adequate spacing and insulation provided to meet international safety requirements, high efficient ferrite cores with high flux density and low loss characteristics. solenoid bobbin, filter bobbin, alternator bobbin and others all have small size and great rated current range and inexpensive type

Bobbin range: EE, EEL, EER, EF, EFD, EI, EL, EP, ER, ERL, ET, ETD, POT, PQ, PT, RM, UU.

Materials: Phenolic resin, PBT an nylon

Pin material: H.C.P wire

All Plastics are to UL94VO Quality System to ISO 9000

Services of bobbin

Yuxiang apply a computerized process to generate mold design, auto forming, and injection. All bobbins are made of UL-approved materials. And we offer the multifarious bobbins and services as follow:

  • Design service available
  • Product and material consultancy
  • Unique modular tooling
  • Advanced moulding technology for optimum yields
  • Rapid prototype service available
  • Custom technical mouldings
  • Round wire, square wire and pressed terminals available
  • Custom solutions achieved within short time scales
Name: YX-3506
Specification: YX-3506.pdf
Issue time: 2005-3-9
solenoid bobbin,alternator bobbin,,television bobbin,bobbin core,ferrite bobbin,coil bobbin,bobbin lace,round bobbin,bobbin assembly Name: YX-3903
series: ET
Issue time: 2005-3-14