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Introduce of coil bobbin

The ferrite industry has adopted some standardized bobbin core shapes and sizes. For example, the EF20's core is shaped like a "EF" with a size of 20mm in usually the largest dimension. Every ferrite manufacturer's EF20 will have the same dimension, and common third party bobbins like bobbin EF can therefore be used. About coil bobbin, the number of pins on the ferrite bobbin is shown inside the parenthesis beside the core type. i.e. EF30 (12P) means the core is EF, size is 30mm width and bobbin EF has 12 pins. The number of pins is just a guide.

Features of bobbin EF

Transformers Bobbins EF are all UL approved to flammability level of UL 94-V0, and can withstand temperature of up to 400 deg F. The terminals Bobbin EF meet MIL STD 1276 with plating thickness of 200 to 400 microns. These Bobbins EF are mainly from Lodestone. Transformers Bobbins EF are applied by a computerized process to generate mold design, auto forming, and injection. All bobbins are made of UL-approved materials.

Application of bobbin EF

Bobbins EF through Holes types for through hole mounts, are for mounting wound inductor, choke, or transformer coils. Bobbins EF in these shapes are available in several different sizes. Please call for dimensions, and other features. There are many other types available.

Bobbins EF,EF bobbin,Surface Mount Bobbins,transformers Bobbins,Wire bobbins,Coils Bobbin,solenoids bobbin,motor bobbins,Polymer bobbin,footprint bobbins Name: YX-1202
Specification: YX-1202.pdf
Issue time:2005-3-9
EF Series bobbin Name: YX-2003
Issue time:2005-3-14