NiZn Ferrite Cores

NiZn Ferrite Core Introduction

The NiZn ferrite core is one kind of ferrite material, work steadily in big electric current, and magnetic properties of this ferrite chip are determined by chemical composition, porosity, grain size and micro structure. NiZn cores offer better miniaturization prospects, for its high electric resistance exceeding 10 Ohm-m, so that NiZn ferrite core is able to be wound directly by coils. Also NiZn ferrite core has long been well known due to its technological applications in high frequency inductors, transformer core, microwave devices, middle-frequency transformers, coils and all kinds of filters, etc. Currently, high-frequency MnZn ferrite core is used in most cases to develop mini DC-DC converters and inductors. However, NiZn ferrite cores offers better miniaturization prospects because its high electric resistance exceeding 10 Ohm-m enables NiZn ferrite cores to be wound directly by coils.

Yuxiang Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,Ltd is a specialist in NiZn cores manufacturing.

Component Substances of NiZn Ferrite Core

The Yuxiang MnZn cores are composed of all ferrite toroids manufactured using 21, 24, 25, or 28 materials. These toroids contain parylene coating designated by the letters P or Q and epoxy coating designated by the letters G, H, or J in the last part number digit. In some cases, the amount of raw materials contained in the Yuxiang toroid is requested. It should be noted that the ferrite manufacturing process binds the raw materials into a ceramic crystalline structure from which no single raw material can be removed. The processing of the raw materials actually creates another registered substance.

The series of our main NiZn Ferrite Core includes:

Yuxiang Magnetic Materials Ind. Co.,Ltd is a specialist in high performance NiZn cores manufacturing. Initial permeability of Nizn series core, begin from 80 to 2000.Practical frequency from 1kHz to 100MHz. The series of NiZn ferrite core is including DR core, RI core, DRWW core, RWW cores, RID core, RHH core, R4H core, F core, T core, etc. They are widely used in home communication appliance, computer etc area.

RI for magnetic shield type core of low profile SMD inductors.

DRWW types and RWW types for choke coils, peaking coils.

R type for fixed inductors.

RID, RHH, R4H types for magnetic shields for r-f coils; low loss magnetic shields, BALUN coil.

SMB type for surface mount.

RH, F, and T type for EMI suppression generated from ribbon cable used in digital equipment, and so on.

All the ferrite cores in our Index were made without extra mold fee and we can also produce your Requested cores according to specific electromagnetic characteristics, shapes, sizes and coating treatment.

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