MnZn Power Ferrite Material


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URS core is used in flying-back transformers in small TV sets and monitors. Round leg allows easy winding, also of strip conductors Because of the high voltages involved, the round shape helps to prevent corona effect

Features of URS core:

  1. High Saturation Magnetic Flux Density (Bs)
  2. Low Core Loss

Application of URS core

  1. Transformer for Power Supply
  2. Fly Back Transformer for TV set and Monitor,Line filter transformers, Common mode choke, TV flyback transformers
Type Dimensions(mm)
A B C D E F Ae(mm2 ) Ie(mm)
URS18.5 18.5±0.5 11.4±0.2 10.0±0.5 7.0±0.2 7.5±0.5 7.4±0.2 38.0 43.5