Metallic Powder cores

Metallic Powder Core Introduction


Our metallic powder core including five kinds of metallic material, Fe, FeNiMo, FeNi50, ALSiFe, Carbonyl-Fe, which can be used in various application Iron powder as a core material has been widely used. The distributed air gap properties in iron powder cores also make them extremely well suited for a variety of energy storage inductor applications. Iron powder cores is a Cost-Effective design. It can also be used in place of ferrite and iron-alloy lamination requiring a gap.

Temperature effects of metallic powder core

Metallic powder cores are fitted for temperature range from 65℃ to +125℃ . Highest working temperature of type H and Y(with special coat)is 300℃ . Highest working frequency is 600kHz. Testing condition: U=0.3V, =0.3mm Or 0.5 wire, N=10 wires, f=300kHz. When cores are placed in higher temperature, it will make inductance and quality factor (Q) to perpetually decrease. Change in this character is depended on time, temperature core, size and frequency and flux density etc.

Finish of metallic powder core

Toroidal iron powder cores and Bus bar cores, manufactured by our company, are well finished with protecting paint. The minimum dielectric strength of coating is 600Vrms under 50Hz.The dielectric strength also may be increased according to the needs of customer. The surface of E-shaped and U-shaped cores are treated with antirust material. We suggest the user to carefully store the untreated products to avoid moist and rain.

Application of metallic powder core

Iron powder cores are used primarily as broadband inductors, EMI filters, low frequency chokes, input and output filters for switched mode power supply. The metallic powder cores can be in various forms and sizes. The popular ones include the toroids, coilform, and bobbins (drum cores).

Our products mainly used in DC output choke, different mode input choke, power factor correcting inductor, continuous mode flyback inductor , light-adjusting choke and other EMI/RFI circuit. We successfully perfected a lot of high quality iron powder core series products in recent years, which had passed the certification of national grade new product. Main technical properties are up to similar products in China and foreign countries.

Duarantees/Warranties/Terms and conditions

The quality of our products is guaranteed,Delivery guaranteed in 20 days after confirmation of order,Payment terms are T/T or L/C at sight.

After Sales service

After sales services such as insurance,shipping ,customs,export documents,quality inspections,and maintenance are offered through our customer service center in Xiamen,China.

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